Lipstick-Shea & Aloe


A lipstick that also doubles as a lip moisturizer! This pure ingredient lipstick has received favorable comments on its performance and color palette. 

*Full size lipstick are currently 50% to clear out old packaging (excluding Summer Quartz)

1.Autumn Jasper (brown rust), 2.Berry Garnet (deep wine), 3.Desert Rose Sapphire (warm rose), 4. Mandarin Coral (light coral), 5. Pink Garnet (vivid pink), 6. Rose Diamond (very light pink), 7. Ruby (pink wine), 8. Sedona Rock (brown coral), 9. Summer Quartz (natural lip pink), 10.Tangerine Opal (deep coral)

Ingredients: castor oil, shea butter, candellila wax, carnauba wax, beeswax, tocopherol, iron oxides, mica, aloe vera extract. Summer Quartz and Pink Garnet also contains carmine.





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