About Us

Earth's Beauty® is manufactured by Cosmetics Without Synthetics, Inc. and was born in the year 2000.  Creator Marj Melchiors left her profession as an interior designer in 1997 to start her online business allnaturalcosmetics.com  in order to stay home while her two daughters were growing up. She had many requests from her customers to find a line of makeup with minimal ingredients and so created it herself! Today her younger daughter Marissa joins in the business and is also the spokes model. Earth's Beauty® is made with some basic principals in mind:

  • Not tested on animals (no ingredients nor finished products)
  • No parabens
  • No nano-particles
  • Gluten-free (certified by an independent lab)
  • Fragrance-free

In order to create blushes, eye shadows, and face powders that are in the traditional “caked” form, you must use more ingredients. These other ingredients can be the ones that can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Here at Earth’s Beauty®, we understand
the needs of those who have allergies to common cosmetic ingredients, those with multiple chemical sensitivities, and also those who are just looking for safe cosmetics. Our powders are in the loose form and utilize arrowroot as the base and are certified gluten-free by an independent lab.  Any Vitamin E used is derived from rice.

We hope you are pleased with our products!

Naturally Yours,

 Marj in her Prescott Valley, AZ store.