Foundation Powder-Original


This loose powder is as fabulous on the face as it is fine. Unlike some mineral cosmetics which use nano-particles, the Earth’s Beauty line uses arrowroot as the base. Arrowroot is the fine and not ultra-fine like the controversial nano- particles. It works well for those who are sensitive as there are very few ingredients. We suggest using the Kabuki brush on the Makeup Brush page.

*The grande 3 oz jars are unavailable, so we are offering the grande size as a refill. It comes in a bag to fill into your own jar.

Ingredients: Organic/Wild-crafted Arrowroot powder and Iron Oxides.

Color Descriptions: Translucent Silk (fair skin pink), Rose Beige (med skin pink), Adobe Beige (med skin neutral), Bahama Beige (carmel brown), Tropical (very dark brown), Translucent Ivory (fair skin ivory), Natural Beige (med skin yellow), Soft Sand (med skin darker yellow), Maize (fair skin very yellow), Color Corrective (balances red/rosacea skin)

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